But many ideas require time, money, and risk. READ: How to Start a Rice Business (Bigasan) in the Philippines. Why it’s a profitable business: There’s an opportunity to profit in lucrative niches and attract high-value clients such as law firms and dental clinics that need digital marketing and social media marketing services to meet their business goals. Easier and cheaper to set up than restaurants. Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), the official distributor of Hyundai commercial vehicles, understands the challenges that another year of combatting the pandemic brings. With handmade or herbal soaps, you provide a healthy, eco-friendly alternative to commercial bath soaps that contain harsh chemicals. You can start with a home-based alteration business and later on provide tailoring services. Pili nuts? Fitness enthusiasts with people skills and a passion for helping others become fit and healthy. Fitness and wellness enthusiasts who want to make teaching yoga a full-time career. Your neighbors will find it helpful, as they’re assured their pets are well taken care of while they’re away. People are willing to pay technicians to restore their machine’s normal function. Capitalize on that by offering security technology solutions to businesses. First-timers who want to give entrepreneurship a try with a minimal investment. But you can always start anywhere you are. More Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas & Opportunities 40. With handmade or herbal soaps, you provide a healthy, eco-friendly alternative to commercial bath soaps that contain harsh chemicals. With the Philippines crowned as the “Selfie Capital” of the world, these smart phones are expected to go through wear and tear! Food Cart Business Studies found that millennials would rather spend money on experiences than things21. Sells cheap at only Php 5 to Php 15 per cup. Free gym memberships and other gym access perks. e. Be on the lookout for the latest technology. Product industries are mainly about manufacturing and selling products. Ideal for: Freelance virtual assistants who want to start their own business. Ideal for: Open-minded entrepreneurs who have adequate space and proper location for a warehouse and can negotiate for best deals with recycling agents, Pros: The ability to support environmental conservation efforts through proper waste disposal and earning good money from it, Cons: Complying with strict government requirements and regulations18 on junk shop operations. Recruitment services can fill up this demand. Ukay-Ukay Store/Thrift Clothing Shop. You can provide gardening consultancy and maintenance, indoor and outdoor landscaping, and other landscaping services to households, offices, schools, restaurants, resorts, and other establishments. Ideal for: Enterprising Pinoys with knowledge in graphic design and operating printing equipment, Cons: Risk of reduced productivity and sales when printing equipment fails to work. You can start a rental business offering formal attire for men and women and charge Php 300 to Php 7,000 apiece. Capital: Php 1,500 to less than Php 20,000. Remember, entrepreneurship is all about problem-solving. Personal fitness training services annihilate the “I don’t have time” excuse because you can conduct these services at their own home. Local culture and history buffs who live near (or can regularly travel to), , love talking to people, and can speak English (especially those who can also speak other foreign languages like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean), Earning income from doing something you love, Opportunity to meet people from different cultures and walks of life, Sharing your passion for Philippine culture and history, Dealing with bad-tempered and dissatisfied tourists, May need to buy or rent cars and vans to transport tourists. Rather than buy new furniture, people would rather save money by re-upholstering their antique pieces or those damaged by pets or normal wear and tear. Drivers for companies like GrabExpress/GrabFood, Food Panda, Honest Bee, and Lalamove earn around Php 100 per hour or Php 1,000 up to Php 2,000 daily for 10 to 14 deliveries. From freelancing, food & beverage, consulting, retail, rental, personal and business services, up to home-based business opportunities - we've got you covered! Check first with your village association if they will allow you to run the business from home. Attend seminars, trainings, and certification programs to guarantee owners that their dogs are in good hands. Agripreneurs who want to try something new for their business and have the ideal location with the right environment for growing a certain type of mushroom. For most of us, we want to find a business idea because our situation calls for it. Ideal for: Employees who want to earn extra income in their free time. Unconventional working hours, like during late evenings and weekends (Depending on clients’ availability). 78. Cons: Ingredients like buko and other fruits can easily spoil. Grocery retail sales are seen to grow in the next few years12, so take advantage of it. The Philippines is considered one of the top outsourcing destinations in the world for medical transcription services. Sense of pride when clients become successful. 4. Car care enthusiasts who can find a high foot traffic location in a residential area. ... FranchiseManila.com is a guide to the franchise business in the Philippines. New technologies, trends, and policies all contribute to the changing business landscape. Ideal for: Employees of pest control services companies who wish to start their own business, Pros: High profitability from repeat customers. Why it’s a profitable business: Bread is a Pinoy breakfast and merienda favorite. Php 2,000 (for the personal domain name and hosting plan). Ukay-ukay items sell quickly because of marked-down prices. Some entrepreneurs even got rich producing and selling processed meat with a measly capital of Php 500. Home 13 Business Ideas in the Philippines to try in 2021 rtw-business. No guarantee of a stable income (Tendency to lose clients during off-peak season, like summer and Christmas). Many homeowners lack the time and knowledge for DIY home repairs, so they turn to pros who can do the job for them. Small Business Ideas with Small Capital in the Philippines. Photo booth suppliers charge Php 3,000 to Php 5,000 per two to four-hour event. 7 Profitable Business Ideas with Low Investment in 2021 Profitable Business Ideas with Low Investment. Dealing with stingy customers and dishonest employees. No need to build or rent a physical store. Cons: Highly specialized niche; difficulty finding clients when you’re starting out unless you already have referrals. Capital: Php 88,000 to Php 170,000 (for a teacher training course). The Philippine meat processing industry has been growing in recent years. Profitable addition to a street food business or kakanin business. Agro/ecotourism business #3. You have various ways to make money as a travel agent. How to Compute PhilHealth Contribution: A Complete Guide to Contribution Table and Payment. A tapsilog business offers great potential for growth6, as in the case of the famous Tapsi ni Vivian. Ideal for: Licensed interior designers who are considering self-employment, Cons: Requires education, training, and experience, which can take time. Experienced medical transcriptionists who want to set up their own business in the same field. You may also offer passport and visa processing assistance, as well as travel Wi-Fi rental. A wide variety of affordable street foods to sell. POD stands for Print on-demand and is perhaps the easiest way to make money online. While the traditional internet cafe is no longer viable, all is not lost if you want to venture in this kind of business. or the high-end market (baguette, whole wheat bread, cinnamon rolls, etc.). Ideal for: Housewives and anyone looking for affordable home-based business ideas, Cons: To sustain the business, you need connections with laundry shops, restaurants, eateries, and other businesses that use liquid detergents. These data justify the need for Filipinos to start exercising. If YES, here are 50 small business ideas and investment opportunities in Philippines that you can start. In this day and age of fast-paced lifestyles, many working professionals turn to spa and massage centers to relieve stress and body pains. Transcription services are required by many industries. Air-conditioning repair and maintenance services are valuable services during summer months. Do you want to start a retail store online with little money? Sari-sari store owners who plan to expand their business. Personal shoppers charge around 10% of the total purchase they make for their clients. Why it’s a profitable business idea: Beauty is a booming industry in the Philippines, thanks to the rise of the middle class who are willing to pay for hair care and grooming services to look and feel better. Inventory losses when food products reach expiration dates. It’s an opportunity for business-minded Filipinos to start a transcription business from home and hire project-based, part-time transcriptionists. IDEA. The demand for CCTVs is growing in the country. 1. If you’re one of them, I suggest that you either look a little deeper or simply choose an industry that interests you. The high demand for massage therapy services makes this venture a financially rewarding small business idea. Are you interested in starting a business after retirement? 101 Best Side Business Ideas to Start in 2021 (While Working a Full-Time Job) Now, let’s dive in. Personal Concierge and Errand Services. Grocery retail sales are seen to grow in the next few years.