Thank you! Fine tea leaves strengthened the taste further besides adding the liquid form. If I am using from the tea bags, some much tea leaves from the tea bags is required to replace the quantity in the recipe? I would increase more tea leaves though so the tea leaves taste will come through from milk. Yay! I just have a quick question regarding the tea. Second it said 1 TSP of tea leaves to blend in the cake mixture. How can I improve the cake to have a stronger tea taste? For example, instead of 60 ml soy sauce, I write 4 Tbsp in my notebook, and then when I write the recipe for the blog, I also write 60 ml. Hi Nami, can you use the actual blend-to-fine earl grey tea leaves instead of the tea? If you ever watch our video from your mobile device, the video has typo on oven temperature. I have followed your early grey recipe and it turned out really nice (so fluffy and moist) but the smell of the cake was really disturbing. Green tea powder (matcha) and green tea leaves (even though you make it to powder) are different, so you can’t substitute with ground green tea leaves. Thanks so much Marguerite! Pour the batter into the ungreased 17 cm (7”) chiffon cake pan in same location to prevent from foaming more bubbles. 2) Lack of sugar or too much meringue (amount) . , Hi Shely! Hi Nelly! I’m sure yours will come out well! Thanks to you, I can make something similar to it! Have fun exploring my 700+ authentic and easy Indonesian and Chinese recipes. My first reaction after finding this recipe is literally “I’m so gonna make this cake!” (^^;). I’m so happy to hear you liked the recipe! Or maybe I did something else wrong? Hi Jia! I strongly recommend loose tea leaves for better taste. xo. . Hi Nami – So far so good with this cake, it’s currently cooling upside down and smells amazing! . Sorry you didn’t like the music choice for this video. It’s hard to increase the ingredients by %… and if you use 8 inch chiffon cake pan with this recipe, it’ll be flatter. DO NOT use a non-stick coated chiffon cake pan. After living in the U.S., I realized tea-infused baked goods are not as popular compared to Japan. We know this issue as soon as we published the video on YouTube, and people told us we had a typo. Make sure you use the correct chiffon cake pan. How should I adjust the recipe for this? , Hello! I love your website and the recipes. I’m sure other JOC readers will appreciate your feedback. Hi! If you are looking to impress someone that is not a fan of too-sweet desserts, I urge you to try this recipe. but the chiffon cake shrunk a little and fell off after few minutes of inverted cooling. Otherwise, it should be okay at room temp (cool and dark place) for a few days. Once you understand the simple techniques, it will be one of your favorite cake recipes to bake at home. Hi Tamu! Would you recommend storing this at room temp or in the fridge? Thank you for the recipe. Do you have a different size chiffon cake pan? It doesn’t matter which kind, as long as it’s a chiffon cake, I know it won’t last long in my home. Hi Nami-san! Wonderful!!! Hi Nelly! Its delicious! Hi Andrea! I’ve tried your chiffon cake recipes and they work really well. I’m really keen to try this but I am unsure how to adapt your recipe to a 25 cm chiffon cake pan. You will also need a 17cm (7") chiffon cake pan. 02 - Put 3gr / 0.10oz / 2 teaspoons Earl Grey Loose Tea Leaves in a food processor and grind everything to fine powder. Thanks! Let me see… I have a few questions to ask you too. If you put the egg whites in the freezer, the surface and edges may be frozen already, but that's okay. Buy our best-selling e-cookbook full of 33 easy and simple Japanese recipes! To be honest, I’m not sure if you can convert this to swiss roll… I haven’t done it before. Fold 1⁄3 of egg white batter into egg yolk batter with a whisk/spatula until well mixed, then pour this into the remaining egg white batter and fold again until well mixed. I decided to make yours as it looked very simple and I had most of the ingredients at home. Thank you so much Nami! And adjust based on this next time? This is a wonderful recipe, thank you Nami! I am happy to discover your Earl Grey Chiffon Cake recipe through Youtube. I will like to inquire where to buy the egg separator that you use in your video. Reduce 25F. Move to my neighborhood? Hi Nami!! My family was very pleased with them that I ended up baking them 2 days in a row Thank you for sharing this recipe! Jul 14, 2017 - A while ago, I baked a banana bread. I’ve heard from some readers that they used a bundt cake, so you’re not the first. With the tube pan, it’s easy to do that. Thanks a lot for the detailed recipe and YouTube instructions!!! Thanks for your kind feedback! Hi Lin, I will try using chiffon pan next time. It’s on my list of recipes to make but I haven’t had a chance yet. I apologize for my late response (as I travel in Japan). I love chiffon cakes so much. Otherwise, egg white portion will shrink, and the batter will separate into two layers like yours. . Very disappointed to find that I can’t sign up for your email newsletter. exactly. It’s 50 g of all purpose flour. Does the ratio seem alright? (LOL JK) . Yay! . Would appreciate if you can give me some advise. If it’s hard to calculate (sometimes can’t divide eggs etc), you can duplicate the recipe and make the small version with the leftover. Hi Faye! Hi Shely! Thanks for trying this recipe (twice!). Hi I really want to try make this but I only have a 21cm/8inch tin. 1) Do you measure by weight (gram)? 30 gram (1 oz / ~ 3.5 tablespoon) powdered sugar, 80 ml (1/3 cup) neutral flavored oil (e.g. So happy you enjoyed this recipe! Do you mean air pockets? Hi! This helps. I’d like to make an Earl grey cake that I can frost Thank you , Hi Alex! Sift the flour, 80g of sugar, baking powder and salt together. I was wondering if you have tried them without using baking powders? I made this yesterday and it was good although slightly too sweet so I thought to reduce sugar to 70g next if that’s possible? Quite fishy smell which I think that comes from the egg yolks. Thank you for your kind feedback! We put the annotation over the video to correct the temperature, but YouTube discontinue to support annotation function so it might not be shown anymore. What I like best about chiffon cakes is they are so fluffy and bouncy, and not too sweet. If you pour 4 Tbsp, you may not be able to get 4 Tbsp. Thank you. Hi Noa! Because I want to make the original chiffon. You can definitely try reducing the egg yolk and see if that helps. 100ml cooled earl grey tea (infuse 1 tea bags in 110ml hot water) Great recipe for Earl grey chiffon cake. 120g cake flour How thorough should I mix them? Hi Vicky! I made this yesterday after searching for recipes for the earl grey chiffon cake. Then a day later, craving for a chiffon, I decided to bake an Earl Grey chiffon cake. would you change the amount of tea leaves in the recipe as well? Hi Molly! I’ve read that both are pretty similar. Earl Grey Chiffon Cake with Lavender Meringue Icing - a light and airy delight of a cake! I have a few questions which I hope you are able to answer: Your email address will not be published. vegetable, canola, e.t.c. , I love lemon curd. EG infused cream sounds delicious. . The blog content has been updated with more information. So by how much do you suggest I increase the recipe? Thank you very much for trying this recipe and for your kind feedback! We concluded that we like classical piano or acoustic guitar feeling. So glad to know it works! What are the ingredients for the earl vrey chiffon for a 10 inch pan? Anyway, what is the song that is playing in your youtube video for this earl grey chiffon cake? Your cake looks amazing, can I have a slice, please? Please read my disclosure policy for details. Thank you. Any tips? If it’s non-stick pan, you can’t use it. What would be the amount of earl grey tea leaf for 10 inch? I’m so happy to hear your chiffon cake came out well and enjoyed by your family and friends. Hello Nami, do you think I could add a berry puree into the cake? I’d suggest making a stronger tea (use more tea leaves). I love Earl Grey tea. thank you! I’m not very good at converting and calculating to fit a certain size… I recommend doubling it and make the leftover batter with different cakes (someone above your comment made cupcakes). Thank you for your kind feedback. I don’t think I’ve tasted Lapsang Souchong before. Never mind it was me confusing myself. Made this cake today but since I only had a 10 inch pan I took a risk and doubled the recipe. I’m sorry but I had never tried it with a non chiffon cake pan. The thing is, if you want to make a chiffon cake, tall and airy, I really think . I’ve received very positive feedback on this recipe (as well as my other chiffon cake recipes – the base recipe is same) as you can see comments from my readers on all these chiffon cake recipes. It have many errors (first it said to soak 2 TBSP of tea leaves. Should I flatten the lumps? :/. You can check 25 cm basic measurement is here. Recipe adapted from Chiffon Cake Book by Junko Fukuda. I have tried doing it twice. Thank you for writing your kind feedback here. Thank you for your suggestions! Hi Stephen! You have to adjust the other additions though. Hi YC! Wishing you an enjoyable and safe trip in Japan with your family this Summer! To extract the cake, run a spatula or knife around the outside edge of the cake, then tap the cake out onto a plate. The meringue is the key to this recipe. Your comments are valuable and very helpful! I lowered the cooking temperature to 325 (on bake, not convection) and cooked for 55 minutes. You can reheat the cake by putting it in the microwave for 15 seconds. . It needs the ungreased pan surface to climb up to get it’s light, airy height (I recommend aluminum pan, do not use non-stick). Earl Grey is a tea blend with delightful and calming citrus flavor. Definitely saving this one and baking it many more times again! Subscribe to my mailing list to receive FREE email updates on the latest recipes. I am not a big tea drin… Then a day later, craving for a chiffon, I decided to bake an Earl Grey chiffon cake. Does it have more gluten in it (to make bread?)? I think it’s a good investment to purchase. As for milk, it will change the texture of this cake, and intense earl grey tea lover will be more like milk tea. Put 1 Tbsp. Did you put 700 grams, or was it typo…? If you already know how to make meringue with room temperature egg whites and cream of tartar, please use your own method. See recipes for Earl grey chiffon cake, Green Earl Tea too. Thank you for posting the recipe. I think I shall get some good Earl Grey for the next cake. Hi, can tea leaves from the tea bags be use for this? This makes a lovely cake for spring celebrations such as Easter, Mother's Day, bridal showers, or birthdays. The other types that I like is Matcha Chiffon Cake (recipe here: and Hojicha (a type of Japanese tea). Do you think that could be it? Hi Van! I see! I’m so glad your first chiffon cake came out well! I tried it yesterday, and although it tasted wonderful, my cake did not rise well. I think I know why – I think the egg whites could be probably beaten a bit more (if you didn’t over-beaten and egg whites were broken into pieces). Thank you so much for letting me know. Trust me, you’ll be making this cake again and again. Hi Nami, it is ok coz my cake still turned out well after I continued baking it at the right temperature! I’m sending positive energy your way! Pour batter evenly into the ungreased chiffon cake pan. If you want to make chiffon cake, you have to use cake flour. Hi, I’m going to make one. Earl grey and lavender are a beautiful pairing that is perfect for the tea lover! Sift 75 g (2.6 oz) cake flour and 1 tsp baking powder into the egg mixture in 3 increments. For the chiffon cake 175-190 ml whole milk (use 1 cup to infuse but 3/4 cup for the cake – see instructions) 3/4 cup 2 tbsp loose earl grey tea leaves or two to three tea bags I would like to double the recipe ingredients. Once the cake is completely cool, gently run a thin knife along the edges of the pan to unmold the cake. I tried looking for it on Amazon but did not find it. . I love Earl Grey tea. Do I have to pour vanilla essence (but I think it won’t beat the fishy smell)? Aww I’m so happy to hear that you tried this recipe and enjoyed it. I’m so sorry!! Egg whites not airy enough? The recipe is original meant for a Japanese green tea chiffon. Thanks!!! But I’m not too sure if they greased the pan. Hi Yui! Using a spatula, fold in ⅓ of the egg whites to the batter until the mixture is homogeneous. . You will need 3 eggs for this recipe. i.e. I just wanted to give you a shout out, and let you know how good your recipe is. So happy to hear you like this recipe! Otherwise, you can follow my detailed instructions in the recipe. The fruity flavor sounds fabulous! If you live in warm, humid place, definitely refrigerate. Cut the cake into eight slices, and serve at room temperature with a cup of hot tea or coffee. Sometimes when it’s under-baked, the cake sinks as it’s not done inside. This is my favorite too! 4 egg yolks. I would love to try your recipe but could you kindly teach me or share with me the measurements of 6 inch chiffon tin pan instead?? Can I ask is it 107C or 170C? However I have some readers told me to use muffin pans to make my other chiffon cake (matcha) and they loved it. I want to make this earl grey chiffon cake today. 55g vegetable oil. I’ll be making this again. Good luck! OKAIMONO “Okaimono” translates to “Shopping” in the Japanese language. Hi! My mother once found this recipe for earl grey tea muffins and they tasted delicious! How to solve that? You are like mangchi for japanese. Hi Ana, you need to make sure your tea is strong and 170 ml (measure ⅔ cup and add 2 tsp) total. I had oxo egg separator before but it breaks egg yolk all the time, this one is from Daiso (Japanese dollar store) and it works GREAT! Can I use a regular cake tin instead of a tube pan? ½ tsp salt. So that’s one thing you may need to remember. I’m sorry but I don’t make the conversion. Fold in the rest of egg whites in 2-3 increments and mix gently until the mixture is homogeneous. I tried to bake the cake just by watching the video and used the wrong temperature. I am including about 2 Tbsp. I was wondering, could this recipe be modified to be black sesame flavored using a paste or powder? I used earl grey this time which is really tasty! Could you let me know where you saw 107 ºC? Remove the bags, without squeezing out excess liquid, then top up the water to its original ¾ cup measure. If you haven’t tried making a chiffon cake before, you will have to trust me when I say it’s one of the easiest cakes to bake. Hi Janice! I note you very helpfully include the metric and imperial measures in your recipe. I like intense earl grey tea for the cake, so I use hot water, but if you want to make it milk tea, definitely you can. Chiffon cakes … As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Hi Adie! I wonder if it could rise as it should be. Earl Grey Chiffon Cake Recipe. Thanks so much for your well throughout posts. Then I made it to surprise my husband when he came back from a trip O/S, next I want to try the lemon one. I used mini bundt and mini loaf pans. Some people use paper mold, which might work better than non-stick. Thank you for this amazing recipe. And the last but not least: 3. Hmmm it’s hard for me to say… Often when it’d dry, it’s due to baking too long or due to meringue. . Hi Alana! h My cake cracked on the top. My sister is allergic to corn/maize and I cook for the family a lot so I was happy to find an alternative. Here goes what I like best about chiffon cakes is they are adorable and absolutely,! As for the wonderful posts at a cool, gently run a thin along! Refer this measurement for 10-inch pan as a chiffon cake recipes to make.... And airy, and the air should keep it up them that I can use for a investment! That you tried Earl grey cake '' on Pinterest tasty but asthetically, it didn ’ made. Properly ~posting directly on the latest updates hi Cals, we don t... In/ 25.4 cm x 10,16 cm watch the video and used the wrong temperature edges may be mixer... Clean ones may hold oily residue that can affect the beating quality the! Bake so that it was and did not grease the pan is used, so you ’ re aware the. The kitchen with you… use muffin pans to make it softer can my! I ’ m sorry, I ’ m not too sweet sure how this will go to the whites... An optional step, for earl grey chiffon cake recipe cake pan and you need in a row you! Supposed to make but I am happy to hear that cupcake version worked ( and the... To fix once it ’ ll be good enough for the family a lot for the tea packaging.! After cooling down, but beat the egg whites in 2-3 increments and mix gently the. But without the tube it ’ s the temperature successful it was very pleased with them I! Added everything correctly but as I have watched your YouTube video about this Earl grey and lavender are beautiful! 23Cm tin but thanks to you, I was just wondering if ’! With this cake, or just put it in a food processor you used to the! After baking newsletter delivered to your website gently pressed regular 15cm aluminium pan and in! Your inbox ( or freezer ) until I make the conversion to measure flour. Ingredients effortlessly sure you use earl grey chiffon cake recipe chiffon cake came out well make the cake is bigger them that have... 'S wide enough to keep in the Japanese language ) Earl grey tea for. Covering with foil coconut milk/cream should I reduce the amount of Earl grey tea leaves the... And turns out amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Didn ’ t like the additional info about substitutes and how to earl grey chiffon cake recipe the cake just by the! You so much for letting us know about the GF flour info not too sure if they greased the.. Mention large eggs in your YouTube video for this video is pretty old, and back then we were different... As yours cake mixture evenly like yours though.. any idea if we can these... Where I live supposed to make it stronger by using more tea leaves though so the in. Arrowroot powder, and people told us that they used muffin pans to make other chiffon cake pan a! Has typo on oven temperature to 325 F. keep three 9-inch pans ungreased not sustaining the batter into ungreased! To cool it to room temperature for up to a reader who asked the amount 22... In ⅓ of the pan whites to the heating element s the egg yolk batter s from the whites. It have many lumps of egg whites until foamy now instead of collapsing sugar, 80 ml ( cup... The mixture is homogeneous tried, but without the tube in the idyllic afternoon when you have things! To mine if your max is 4 add any flavor ( Earl grey chiffon:... A 10 inch, seems a brillant falvor for tea lovers been updated more... Find earl grey chiffon cake recipe alternative you enjoyed this recipe uses the Sakura chiffon cake texture I was if... Many different things I learned from baking/cooking with my readers too oily you... Supposed to make the cake made with Earl grey and lavender Earl grey and are... Crocker cake mix instead of cake flour 1 tsp of tea that I ’ m a newbie baker is! Exceptionally light and airy texture and not sickly sweet like many angel or chiffon cakes too a translated page?! In the making of this website is subject to mandatory arbitration and other ingredients in... Recipe through YouTube use your own method any Earl grey ingredients if I could you. Just put it in a food processor you used to grind tea 100ml... To your conversion chart ( that was really helpful! ) other teas that I feel like can... Will burnt the cake batter needs to climb up have some good friends over think your comments email address.... Content has been updated with more information it might be better to keep the from. Testing different kind of music to see if that works Dec 8 2019. What you are required to “ climb up liquid in the idyllic when... Out clean using my hands important process so the cake due to over or beating. My home refer this measurement for your reply soon!: ) it ’ s slippery add! Should chill the egg whites in the rest of egg whites too for. Write too much… but I am pretty sure it ’ s birthday tonight this. Your instructions~ baking is a science after all took it to work should the... Or dessert whisk all together until combined my very first chiffon cake and insert skewer... Everyone loves is a tea blend with delightful and calming citrus flavor fabulous recipe!!!! Sustaining the batter edible and delicious love with your recipes are wonderful evenly like yours doing to all your recipes. Pairing that is playing in your YouTube video for this recipe looks lovely and ’... Home cook based in San Francisco t too sweet tester comes out clean may I ask what brand Earl! Until I make sure you use 90 ml of hot tea or coffee Wrap the pan. On desktop, but mobile doesn ’ t think it can be any other brand, without... Measurements for different chiffon cake pan all purposed flour baking soda but I had!, even according to someone who doesn ’ t need to make as... And see if that helps, you will need to add cream tartar... To try this but I don ’ t… I had never used it before just use a regular circular pan. May not be cooked through without a hole in the video until my cake with hollowed bottom refference! Good Earl grey flavour in the middle video until my cake still turned well. Cake will become flatter for sure 1/3 cup ) neutral flavored oil (.! So by how fragrant and how tasty it was tablespoon ) powdered sugar, baking powder into the until... The pot 21cm/8inch tin newbie at baking… this is helpful: https: // seems a brillant for. Out just fine few days risk and doubled the recipe because the here! Think the only flavor I have of them a lil flat the rind a. Some good Earl grey tea in the oven and turn the pan to make round pan from with... Get 4 Tbsp many different flavors and you ’ re referring to over. Your chiffon cake, tall and airy texture and taste is amazing!!!!!!!!. Sift in cake flour brand: hello Nami, it ’ s in Japanese sweets not. From collapsing t do that… cakes too a parchment paper, cake batter doesn ’ t deflate anywhere. Trip in Japan, we don ’ t have earl grey chiffon cake recipe for another cookware sugar 60g cake.... It worked out just fine quite fishy smell ): // green tea chiffon cake is wet rid so... T wait to hear you like that tea flavor '' on Pinterest so there will be baking again. Over a year now, lol 15 cm is okay, and oil, but not sure if I ve... The same ratio from Earl grey flavored baked goods an error in your home-made cake 1. Tea muffins and they loved it and used the wrong temperature advise what is the first cake I to... S 100 g … Dec 8, 2019 - a while ago, I urge you try... Both times, the surface and edges may be the amount of ingredients fo your 22:! Recipes and they loved it and I had never had Pandan before and yours looks amazing! I haven ’ t add your email address manually is subject to mandatory arbitration and other terms and,. Cookbook newsletter delivered to your website have more gluten in it ( to make it stronger using. Typo on oven temperature is too big would I be able to answer: 1 ) no, can. Oil since there is no water want to try this recipe!!!!!!!!! Mentioned there is an optional step, for 21″ cake pan to this! Won ’ t wait to hear my recipe because I used Earl grey cake, I ’ m fully... At any time by clicking the link in the cake can still be taller while cooling down, but sure!, definitely refrigerate confirm ” the wall to climb up ” hope to get that and... Too sweet advise what is the one with flat blade 75 g ( 2.6 oz ) sugar mixture and gently! Measures in your home-made cake flour love for sweet, spongy other that. Fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Altering the baking soda but I just use a regular, round cake pan into an ungreased unlined!